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Each year, 325 million tennis balls are produced worldwide. In the United States, 130 million tennis balls are played each year. Play It On strives to stop these tennis balls from going into our landfills. We partnered up with leading tennis ball recycle institutions to turn used tennis balls into tennis court building materials.

it is free! everyone can do it!

Simply collect 200 or more tennis balls. Fill out the request form on this page, and we will email you a FREE pre-paid shipping label.

free collection bins for tennis facilities

We provide free collection bins for used tennis equipment and balls. Please send us a request, and we will deliver to your facility and make regular collections.

collection bin locations

Tenacious Tennis Academy at San Francisco State University Tennis Courts
Bay Club SF Tennis, second floor. San Francisco, CA
Player Capital, Holbrook-Palmer Park. Atherton, CA
Sleepy Hollow Swim & Tennis Club, Orinda, CA
Taube Tennis Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Sports Basement BRYANT STREET, Garage Entrance. San Francisco, CA

used tennis ball recycle request

Who we are

We are a group of kids around San Francisco, California trying to help kids from all backgrounds get into the game of tennis, while also trying to reduce tennis' carbon footprint and make our Earth a better place.

What we do

give We collect used tennis racquets, recondition and re-string them, and donate them to underprivileged children around the world.

recycle We collect used tennis balls and recycle them into state-of-the-art tennis court building materials.